What is the Cadillac LYRIQ Range?

June 7th, 2023 by

2023 Cadillac Lyriq parked on driveway

When it comes to electric vehicles, we understand that most drivers are learning the ins and outs of this new technology from the start, and that can be intimidating. The team at Bayer Cadillac wants to make it easy for you to understand how you’ll start thinking about fueling your electric vehicle. We know you have questions about the Cadillac LYRIQ range—or, what’s the Cadillac LYRIQ miles per charge? Cadillac LYRIQ charging times are another new idea that baffles many drivers. Take a look at the information we have about the 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ range and charging time, and feel free to contact us with your questions. We’ll have you saving fuel on Graham and Weatherford streets in no time!



2024 Cadillac LYRIQ Range

The Cadillac LYRIQ range is easy to explain: it’s the number of estimated miles you’ll be able to drive in Abilene and beyond on a full battery charge. Knowing your Cadillac LYRIQ range is akin to knowing how many miles you can drive between stops at the gas station in a gas-powered vehicle. Your Cadillac LYRIQ range tops 300 miles with a small variance between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models: 

  • 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ with Rear-Wheel Drive: 308 miles of GM-estimated range on a full charge.
  • 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ with All-Wheel Drive: 307 miles of GM-estimated range on a full charge.

2024 Cadillac LYRIQ Charging Times

All electric vehicles—or EVs—will have a charging time that’s primarily based on the kind of charger you use. If you charge at home with a home charging station, which is recommended, you’ll get into the habit of charging your LYRIQ overnight to slowly fill the battery. You can even use Level 1 charging through a 120V outlet, but it’s extremely slow. Sometimes you’ll need to top off at a public charging station. In those cases, look for DC fast charging stations. Others will have you plugged in for longer than you’d like. Here are the estimates by charging station type for the Cadillac LYRIQ charging times: 

  • Level 2 Charging (11.5 kW): Up to 31 miles of range per hour of charging.
  • Level 2 Charging (19.2 kW): Up to 51 miles of range per hour of charging.
  • Public DC Fast Charging: Up to 77 miles of range per ten minutes of charging.

Learn More About the New Cadillac LYRIQ Today with Bayer Cadillac

Now that you have a better understanding of range and how many Cadillac LYRIQ miles per charge you can expect, we’re sure you want to learn more. Contact Bayer Cadillac with your EV questions, and pay a visit to our Cadillac research hub for more information on what to expect when you pre-order a 2024 Cadillac LYRIQ!


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